Arrangements concerning the revival of the parish life and the church of Virgin Nativity regularly take place in Prechisty Bor, Tver and many other places. Here you will learn about all events so that you could take part in them.

There can be arrangements concerning the repair in the church or services in it as well as seminars, forums, discussions, various holidays and what not where we are going to represent the project “The church that must live” and attract attention to the problem of saving village churches after the example of Prechisty Bor

According to the settled tradition every last Saturday of the month there are services with acathistus in Virgin Nativity church. Services are hold in any weather and by all circumstances. Any person who wish can take part in them. If you want to do it, please call our coordinators beforehand: 8-920-174-24-58 Alexander or 8-920- 158-51-32 Alexey

We usually gather on Saturday at 10.30 at “Rechnoy Vokzal” bus stop (in the direction of the Tvertsa) in case we go by bus or car. If we go by electric railway we gather at the railway station near the ticket offices. But in any case you should ask the coordinators for the details.

You can also get to Prechisty Bor by your own. Look here for the instruction.

Meeting “Vkontakte”

Arrangements for 2011

The student contest of research essays about the great martyr Faddey (Uspensky) and cultural relics and monuments of Verhnevolzhye (the upper part of the Volga). It’ll be followed by the concluding conference and giving the diploma to the winner and souvenirs to all the participants. The anthology of the best works will be issued and brought to the libraries of Tver region.

The contest of creative works among the pupils of village schools of Kalininsky district about the great martyr Faddey (Uspensky), the church in Krasny Bor, the history of Tver region etc. The final award of the winners. Souvenirs to all the participants. The anthology of the best works

will be issued and brought to the libraries of Tver region.

Cultural events in Krasny Bor with the participation of regional creative groups and representatives of non-commertial organizations dedicated to memorial dates and orthodox holidays – “Novoletie”(New Age) and the summer holiday. Representatives of schools and villages of Kalininsky district will take part in the events.

We’ll announce the most important events beforehand. You can look up the main page of the site for information. We’ll be very glad if you want to take part in our arrangements and share your ideas, skills and experience. Join our friendly team. We can achieve mote if we’re together. There are neither age nor other restrictions. What ‘s required is kindness and a wish to create!