About us

Welcome to our site dedicated to the revival of parish life and the reconstruction of Virgin Nativity Church.in Krasny Bor village of Tver region!

We are members of Tver Orthodox Youth Club “Seyatel” (The Sower) blessed by Victor, the archbishop of Tver and Kashin in 2003. At that time it was the only orthodox society in the region and nowadays it is the oldest orthodox club of the whole Tver region.

The main task of the club is to involve young people to public activities as well as reveal their potential abilities. Although orthodox societies have a lot of things to do, “Seyatel” is concentrated on culture and history. That’s why study of local lore has become the main orientation of the club. Today, when secret archives arouse great interest and hisrorical censorship is getting away, there is a possibility to use historical data for public profit.
Our club has been holding church services and public meetings on the places of destroyed churches. Many people have learned that there used to be wonderful churches on the places of the city stadium, hotel, squares and schools. The result of this project is supposed to be the appearance of memorial signs marking the vanished sacred things.

We hope young people from other regions will support and develop this idea.

All these things are closely connected with growing interest to cultural tourism and pilgrimage. Our club has already visited many places in and outside the region. We arein touch with many organizations and people. One can choose different way of pilgrimage: by coach, by bike, on foot and so on. With great interest our club visits both large monasteries in Moscow and small distant Tver villages. Orthodox young people have always been interested in villages. When we come there, we try not just have a look at the church but also find some information about it and hold a service (if we cannot involve a local priest, we do it ourselves). It is anxious and awesome attitude to abandoned village churches that made us take care of Virgin Nativity Church in Krasny (Prechisty) Bor in May, 2009.

We had been there several times before as the village is near Chernogubovo where the church dedicated to the Virgin is situated and its young active priest is our friend and tutor, father Maxim Sivtsov. In 2011 that church was ascribed to the parish of Chernogubovo and now f. Maxim is an official priest in Prechisty Bor and surrounding villages. When we went there by train we carried gonfalons and icons. The passengers were surprised vey much. We got off at the next station “Tvertsa” and went across a pine forest to get to the church. Those were wonderful religious processions. We recall them with pleasure although the church was in very bad condition at tat time, it was completely abandoned.

We don’t remember who was the first to suggest reviving spiritual life in the village by restoring the church. It must be God’s will. And once we came to Prechisty Bor with our instruments.

Our initiative was supported by the public society “ Tver union of orthodox people” which is still the main helper of the young people activities. Father Sergey Dmitriev, thehead of the parish of saint Kseniya, has done so much for us.

We didn’t have any ambitious plans, we just wanted the inhabitants of the village to feel happy. And we are still eager to do them good.

Young people who are not well-off yet can’t spend much money on the restoration. So we hope for people who are not indifferent and we try to do our best.

All the work we do is absolutely unpaid. We just want the church to be restored. We aren’t going to get any profit, we build the church not for ourselves,we don’t waste money that people sacrifice. It is spent only on the church. We work for the sake of work that does us good and is guided by our priest. We are always ready to tell you the details, we want you to take part in the work if you wish. It’ll be wonderful when the destroyed church has white walls, prays are heard inside and people have a chance to come there. For this purpose we are ready to spend our time and money. We have a team that is interested in the work and want to be useful. And they are not only young people…We are friends, we writepoems, shoot films, sing songs, take pert in meetings and festivals where we speak about the main thing we have – our church that will live. We are interested in it and that’s why our burden doesn’t seem so heavy.

Help us any ways you can, with your good attitude or just say “God bless you” and it will be enough.

Thank you for coming to our site. We hope it’ll be interesting and useful for you.


С уважением, инициативная группа по возрождению храма Рождества Богородицы в с. Пречистый Бор;
Православный приход в честь Иконы Божией Матери «Неувядаемый Цвет» и его настоятель иерей Максим Сивцов

(д. Черногубово).